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UTV & ATV Tires

Improve off-road handling and master any terrain along the way with UTV and ATV tires from RevZilla. Nothing lasts forever, and this is especially true of ATV and UTV tires. Make sure to regularly inspect your tires and look for cracking, fading and other signs of wear. If your tires have seen better days, or you're simply spinning out more than usual, then it's time to shop for a replacement. Even if you're not due for a replacement, adding an aftermarket set of tires is the easiest way to upgrade your four wheeler or SxS. First, let's take a closer look at different tire types.

RevZilla stocks a full selection of universal and specialized aftermarket ATV tires so you can easily shop online then dial in your quad or side by side for various terrain. A good place to start is an all-terrain or trail tire. These are similar to stock tires because they can handle a variety of different conditions, but you'll experience better construction and lifespan out of an aftermarket model versus baseline stock tires. Riders who like to get deep in the muck will want to mount a set of mud tires. These specialized tires feature robust treads for maximum grip. Just make sure they aren't too high that they clip your wheel wells! Sand and desert riders will definitely need a set of sand tires. This variety features paddle-like treads that provide traction on slippery sand. Either mud or sand tires will work well for dedicated snow applications, but you can also get a specialized set of snow tires or add tire chains to your machine for improving traction.  Finally, gear up for competition-level performance with a set of racing tires that balance speed and grip.

Now that you know the ATV or UTV tires you need for a certain application, it is time to find the right set of rubber for your ride online. Tires are measured by three specs, often shown like this: 25x8-12. The first number is the height of the tire in inches. The second number after the “x” is the tire width. The final number is the size of the rim that the tire fits. Pull up your vehicle manual to find the ideal tire size for your make and model. Remember, the ideal tire size is carefully calculated by the manufacturer. While you can mount other sizes, you're often inviting undue strain on parts like CV joints and axles. Don't forget to choose the right tire material for your application as well. Radial tires are becoming more popular in off-road settings because they provide a better ride than the traditional bias-ply tire. However, radials are more susceptible to puncture than the alternative. Bias-ply tires are harder and tougher than radials, which makes them great for situations like rock crawling, but you will experience a rougher ride on them.

You'll always receive the best price on UTV and ATV tires for sale with our Price Match Guarantee at RevZilla. Better yet, RPM loyalty members unlock exclusive discounts with a yearly subscription. Save even more with premium perks like 10% off select brands, 5% RPM cash back on purchases and fast, free 2-day shipping. As always, our crack customer service team is standing by to field any questions about tire selection. Read More