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Roadside assistance doesn't exist where your adventures take you, so you need a UTV or ATV battery you can trust 100 percent. RevZilla connects you with some of the top UTV and ATV batteries on the planet so you'll never hold your breath when you turn the key. Our collection of batteries for your ATV and UTV, also called quads and side by sides, ship fully-charged and ready to install right away. All the best ATV battery brands are in stock, and you can use our powerful Battery Finder to search for matching models or shop by manufacturers like John Deere, Kawasaki, Honda, Polaris, Suzuki and Yamaha. Better yet, you'll always score the best deal on batteries for sale with our price match guarantee. Don't forget to join the RPM loyalty program before you buy. This exclusive membership nets riders free two-day shipping and returns, 10% off exclusive brands, and 5% RPM Cash back among other perks.

There are several factors to consider in your search for the best  batteries to replace your current one. First, you'll need to decide between a lead acid variety like the popular AGM (absorbed glass mat) or a lithium battery. AGM batteries pack battery plates around glass mats to hold in liquid so they never dry out like the older conventional lead acid batteries. AGM represents a solid option for many riders, but they are heavier than other batteries and have a limited 4-5 year lifespan. Also note that AGM batteries should never be discharged to more than 50 percent. Using AGM batteries improperly could result in a reduced lifespan. Lithium is the superior option for work and play as they offer great capacity and a long 10-year lifespan. In addition, they can be discharged up to 100 percent with no fear of damaging the battery. Lithium batteries also cut bulk as they are far lighter in terms of weight than AGM varieties. The catch is lithium batteries are more expensive than AGM. Lithium batteries don't work well in cold temperatures, either, so you'll want to use a AGM for those applications. Finally, if your budget is tight and you anticipate only casual use, you can always fall back to an affordable conventional lead acid battery and sacrifice many performance features as well as lifespan.

Now that we've broken down battery types, there are a couple ratings you'll want to weigh in your search for the best 12-volt UTV or ATV battery. Cold cranking amps (CCA) measure how many amps a battery can produce at 0° Fahrenheit. The higher the rating, the better the chance your engine will turn over in frigid temps. Amp hours (Ah) is another rating that helps measure output. One amp hour equals one amperage from the battery per hour. The higher the Ah rating, the greater the overall output of your battery. This is an especially important factor to pay attention to if you run several accessories off your battery.

You'll find plenty to choose from when searching for new quad batteries here at RevZilla. Still have questions? Our customer service team is here to help!
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