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Snowmobile Helmets

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Snowmobile helmets do so much more than safeguarding your head in a crash. A snowmobile helmet protects your face against windchill and preserves your vision with various anti-fog technologies. Modular and full face helmets with integrated face shields provide the best defense against frigid temperatures when riding in open terrain at high speed. A modular helmet is a full face helmet that allows the front portion of the helmet to lift up. This feature is perfect for enjoying a conversation, snack or drink, or simply getting some fresh air. Face shields are available in either dual lens or electric heated configurations. A dual lens shield works great for most riders to prevent fog build up. A snowmobile helmet with an electric shield takes fog prevention to a whole other level. Not only does an electric shield virtually eliminate fog, but it also helps to prevent ice buildup on your face shield. While full face and modular helmets are best for open terrain, snocross 'dirt bike-style’ helmets are better suited for backcountry riding. A dirt bike style helmet is generally lighter and features more ventilation for keeping your cool when riding technical terrain. With the option of goggles, a backcountry rider can choose very specific lens types for increasing contrast in various lighting conditions. Whether you’re blasting down your local trails or exploring the backcountry, RevZilla has a snowmobile helmet with the features you need.

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