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Exhaust Tape

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It just looks “right” on many motorcycles and the horsepower gains are a nice perk, too. Yup, we’re talking about exhaust tape and this is one of those DIY jobs you can knock out at home and through it get better acquainted with your bike. Those are the best kinds of jobs, in our humble opinion, and motorcycle exhaust wrap is one of those add-ons that are just plain accessible to do. In fact, Common Tread has a whole tutorial and run-down on exhaust wrap tape so give it a read and get what you need on this page!

Exhaust Tape: Why & How To Wrap Your Pipes

The cruiser and cafe crowd have long loved the look of motorcycle exhaust wrap. It adds a layer of practical performance that sometimes even looks better with age and is unconcerned with shiny chrome. There are indeed some horsepower gains to be had and you can also lower engine temperature — a win all around. So how do we go about installing motorcycle pipe wrapping? The quickest version is this: Remove the pipes, clean ‘em up, wrap from one end to the other and tie it all off with safety wire (which we also have available here.) With that out of the way, what’s the difference between some of the header wrap we have on offer? Some are actually made for the extreme environmental expectations of off-road use while others are designed for heat cycles that high-speed riding will incur.