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Motorcycle Coolant

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In the beginning, there were air-cooled bikes… and it was okay for a while. As engine design and performance increased, motorcycle coolant and radiators to carry it became an essential new part. Today, liquid coolant is a proven way to dissipate heat. It flows from hoses out of the radiator, through engine passages and back to the front of the bike to get a blast of passing air to cool things back down. All this engineering does require some effort on your part, but fear not! We’ve previously covered everything you need to know about motorcycle antifreeze and the simple steps required for a fresh flush. Once you’ve read up on the process, find the best motorcycle coolant for your bike, climate and riding needs.

Best Motorcycle Coolant Options

As with all additional components, coolant adds another layer of maintenance — albeit a generally easy one. Rule of thumb is that coolant flushes should be a bi-annual or 24,000-mile job. Another popular question is if you can use regular coolant on a motorcycle. As we’ve said over on Common Tread when it comes to automotive-specific products, check manufacturer recommendations and “avoiding silicates if you can.” Moving on to draining old antifreeze, it’s as simple as wrenching out the drain plug and uncorking the radiator lid. You can flush the system with water then add more coolant until the radiator is filled. RevZilla carries plenty of products to pick from that are made for different riding types. Racing coolant from Bel-Ray, for example, utilizes non-toxic propylene glycol that has been proven to transfer heat better. Those who do a lot of stop-and-go riding or live in hotter climates should be serious about keeping the temperature down with motorcycle engine coolant; our selection of products from Engine Ice, Maxima, VP Racing and more remain popular choices for this purpose.

Keep your Cool with RevZilla

An engine that has overheated can sustain catastrophic damage. Steer clear of something that’s easily avoided and pick up the best motorcycle coolant today from RevZilla. While you’re here, add engine oil to your weekend DIY list and give your motor exactly what it needs.