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Spark featured in Startup Info’s Innovators vs COVID Series


Spark featured in Startup Info’s Innovators vs COVID Series

Spark was recently approached by Startup Info, a global innovation ecosystem magazine. 

Our CEO and Marketing Technology Specialist, Mackey Kandarajah, spoke about innovation and how the company is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The article is aptly titled, A New Sense of Teamwork & Innovation During Covid and is part of Startup Info’s Innovators vs COVID-19 Series.

Like many Australian businesses, we found ourselves exploring uncharted territory during the pandemic. Offering digital services, we acknowledge that we were luckier than most, as we were able to transition to remote work quickly. This came with challenges, of course, such as ensuring minimal disruption, maintaining productivity and avoiding fragmentation. Most importantly, providing reassurance to our clients who felt uncertain about their future plans was paramount.

Bottomline it’s all about teamwork! Mackey closed the interview with these words: “Really, our success through COVID has only been possible due to a team of well-integrated staff. I am proud to have people who are personally invested in ensuring the long-term success of the company.” 

We thank Startup Info for approaching us to share our thoughts. For the full story, read the article here!

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