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The Secret to Keeping Your Passwords Secure All in One Place

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Are you guilty of using the same 6-8 character password across all your social media accounts? If yes, then I have some bad news for you.

Cybercriminals know that this is a common practice, and people like you are like defenceless prey within their reach. These hackers can guess a myriad of password combinations within a few minutes to try into millions of sites.

Just like 24/7 working software robots that scan and attempt 100 million guesses per second!

If you continue this practise, we’ll never know when these hackers can steal all your information, including your credit card details!

Although you might be feeling the urge to upgrade your passwords for your security, there might be one thing that’s still bugging you. You might still find it hard to believe that you can remember different passwords across all your accounts. And you’re right!

What more if I tell you that the best password combination has at least 16-20 characters, including upper case letters, numbers and special characters? How can you even manage to find unique combinations for all your accounts?

Here’s the part when we call our ultimate lifesavers – password managers!

In general, password managers are software applications that “remembers” all your passwords, keeping them securely in one place. They have a built-in password generator that helps you create strong passwords that are hack proof. Password managers also work with two-factor authentication that verifies your identity whenever you want to access your accounts. By using one, you can autofill your login details and access your account in one click!

As a Digital Agency, using password managers have saved our team in managing thousands of unique passwords for all the subscription services and websites that we handle. Our password manager goes hand in hand with our website maintenance services, which allows us to have even more optimal security for all our client’s data. Knowing that all our accounts are secure and safe, we can focus on all the other aspects of our business without a hitch.

You can find a lot of password manager applications, but which of them is the most reliable?

At Spark, we use LastPass to manage all the passwords across our team. We have found this application secure and easy to integrate. It is fast to deploy and allows users to onboard quickly with lots of training resources and support. Users can have access to a folder where all their passwords are saved. This way, they no longer have to share them with other teammates or the administrator over email or a word document.

LastPass comes in five versions with varying features:

Single users and families

Free version

This version is easy to use and perfect for starters.

Premium version

It has more features you can enjoy, and you can upgrade your account once you feel like doing so.

Family version

This version can help you manage and share accounts with your family members.

Business Plans

Team version

This version is perfect for small businesses with less than 50 users. It allows the administrator to create and safely share passwords across the business. In this version, you'll have access to some robust administrative features, allowing fine-grained access control and advanced monitoring of all users across the team.

Business version

If you're handling a business of more than 50 people, I highly recommend using this version. It will give you a higher degree of security and greater control over your business.

Spark is a Brand, Web and Search Agency located in Sydney. We have developed and managed hundreds of web applications across several cloud-based servers and deal with aspects relating to security daily. In our experience, strong passwords and multi-factor authentication can prevent a large number of breaches. Consequently, we recommend that individuals, businesses, and organisations take a proactive step to secure their business and personal digital footprint.

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