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Face it: Cold weather isn't conducive for riding motorcycles — unless of course you’re rocking heated motorcycle gear. It’s now possible to battle it out with the bitter elements and RevZilla carries a plethora of motorcycle heated gear to keep you covered head to toe. Why invest in this apparel, how does it work and is your bike up for the extra electrical load? All great questions that we also hear regularly; give this Common Tread article a read for further information and check out some more details below. The bottom line is this: Heated motorcycle gear is a game-changer if you’re going to press on against Old Man Winter and his crisp, brisk mist.

Heated motorcycle gear’s huge advantage

In our humble opinion, heated motorcycle gear makes a world of difference for certain riders. Daily commuters, those who live in cold climates and folks who like to get out in early spring or late fall all stand to gain. First and foremost, we need to differentiate between the two types of battery powered heated motorcycle gear you'll choose from. You can opt for a standalone battery that’s dedicated to powering your apparel. These pack less voltage than option two (hard-wiring leads from the positive and negative terminals on your bike’s battery), but are rechargeable and easier to use. The second option runs off power generated by your bike’s 12-volt charging system through wires connected to your heated motorcycle gear. The magic that’s going on inside all of this apparel is performed by zoned heating elements that warm up when powered on. “Those heating zones basically work like your toaster. Once power is provided to those stainless steel fibers, you get to feel all warm and fuzzy,” as our Common Tread crew so clearly explains.

If you’re sold on the perks of heated motorcycle gear — such as gloves, jackets, pants, socks and insoles — it’s time to consider some major players in the game. We stock plenty of options from brands like Hotwired, Gerbing, Tour Master and more. With so many products and such a wide-ranging scope of connection possibilities, don’t hesitate to give us a shout when researching the best heated motorcycle gear that’s right for you.

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