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Common Tread

Best gifts for motorcycle riders 2022

Oct 21, 2022
Not sure what gifts are best for the motorcyclists on your list? You've come to the right place.

Finding the right gift for your favorite rider can be a challenge, but don’t worry. We’ve rounded up our favorite motorcycle gifts for every kind of rider. These are great moto gift ideas for yourself, too, if you haven’t nailed down your wishlist this year. And while you're shopping, be sure to enter our $10,000 Holiday giveaway, because winning that would be a really great gift to yourself.

Do you have a habit of putting off your holiday purchases until the last minute? We recommend getting your orders in as soon as possible this year, since many popular products go in and out of stock frequently due to supply chain issues and shipping delays. Ordering early gives us the best opportunity to deliver all your gifts in time for the holidays. And if you want to let somebody know about a gift you’d like to receive, use our Drop A Hint feature to share your wish list with friends and family. By letting them know what you’d like to receive now, you’ll have a much better chance of getting exactly what you hoped for this holiday season.

Best gifts for motorcycle riders

Our top motorcycle gifts of the year are sorted into a few different categories to help get you pointed in the right direction whether you're a rider yourself or you're totally outside the world of two wheels. Most of the gear in this article is universal, but there are a few pieces that are intended for specific riding styles.

Best motorcycle gifts under $50

Quad Lock Phone Mount
Quad Lock smartphone holder. RevZilla photo.

Quad Lock phone mounts and cases

Our first choice is one of our most-used pieces of riding gear, and it fits just about any motorcycle you can imagine. It’s Quad Lock's line of smartphone mounts and cases: a simple, secure system that couldn’t be easier to install and use. But more importantly, Quad Lock securely holds your phone in place using a case with a twist-lock design There’s also an anti-vibration mount that can be added to protect the delicate mechanisms in your phone’s camera while riding on- or off-road. Quad Locks can also be adapted to cars, bicycles, scooters, and more if you’d like to expand this gift idea. You just need two pieces of information before gifting a Quad Lock. What kind of phone does your favorite rider have, and what kind of motorcycle do they ride? That should be enough to choose the right case and mount combination. There’s also an adhesive mount option that attaches to almost any phone case.

GloveTacts V3 Smart Fingertip Touchscreen Pads. RevZilla photo.

Glovetacts V3 Smart Fingertip Touchscreen Pads

Touchscreens are great. Smartphones, GPS devices, and even some motorcycle dashes use this technology to help riders on their way. Unfortunately, many motorcycle gloves do not work with touchscreens, which becomes a real hassle on the road. Glovetacts solve that problem by instantly adding touchscreen compatibility via stick-on pads that attach to any glove fingertips. Glovetacts work better with textile gloves than leather, but either way, they're a nice little upgrade riders will use every time they ride.

ROK Straps
ROK Straps. RevZilla photo.

ROK Straps

ROK straps are a perennial choice in our Holiday Gift Guides because they add loads of versatility to any motorcycle at a very affordable price point. These elasticated straps cinch down with quality buckles that are easy to release for access to your cargo. They’re indispensable for everything from carrying your lunchbox to loading up for a tour, and because they take up barely any room in a backpack, pocket, or underseat storage area, they’re always at the ready. Pick up a dual pack for the perfect stocking stuffer.

Common Tread Journal
Common Tread Journal. RevZilla photo.

Common Tread Journal issue two

The Common Tread Journal is included as part of RevZilla’s Rider’s Plus Membership (RPM) program, which offers customers the PRO version of REVER, the high-end moto navigation app, along with a slew of great content and deals on their favorite gear. But Common Tread Journal can also be purchased on its own, and it makes a great gift for any rider. The theme of Issue 002 is “So Wrong It’s Right”! It includes in-depth stories like racing Vespas in the Italian mud, the history of the wicked Kawasaki H1 Mach III 500, and how not to sell your motorcycle, just to name a few. Your favorite rider can pour some egg nog and enjoy this premium collection of Common Tread stories by the fire. Quality photography and materials make this the perfect coffee table companion.

Best gifts for any motorcyclist

Speedmetal motorcycle covers
Speedmetal Motorcycle Covers. RevZilla photo.

Speedmetal motorcycle covers

A motorcycle without a cover is asking for trouble. Keep motorcycles safe from rain, wind, damaging UV rays, and prying eyes with a quality cover. Even motorcycles parked in a climate-controlled garage will benefit from a cover to block dust. Speedmetal’s motorcycle covers have a soft inner liner and an elastic bottom seam to keep the cover in place. A lock can be used to secure the cover if needed, and there’s even a license plate window in the back. The cover packs down into a manageable package for storage or transport. Choose from three sizes to get a perfect fit.

Stealing Speed graphic novel
"Stealing Speed" graphic novel. RevZilla photo.

Stealing Speed graphic novel

Does your favorite rider love a good story? The graphic novel version of Mat Oxley’s “Stealing Speed” is one of our absolute favorite motorcycle books. Even better, this version is fairly recent, so there’s a very good chance that your gift recipient doesn’t already have a copy. The book tells the true story of how a champion motorcycle racer used secret engine technology to escape the Iron Curtain in the middle of the Cold War. That technology made its way to Japan, where it changed motorcycle history. It’s a story that every motorcyclist should know, and frankly, even if you can’t read, the illustrations are worth the cost of admission.

Sedici Dry Bag Accessory Pack
Sedici Dry Bag Accessory Pack. RevZilla photo.

Sedici Dry Bag Accessory Pack

Carrying stuff on a motorcycle? A rugged, waterproof accessory bag is the best way to transport your essentials safely. Sedici’s line of dry bag accessory packs will provide plenty of room for all your gear, and each bag uses universal straps and a MOLLE connection system to fit any motorcycle out there. Multiple Sedici packs can be connected to each other for longer rides and more packing options. Even better, these bags are more than rugged enough for uses beyond motorcycling. Clean styling and quality construction make Sedici’s cargo solutions perfect for any kind of travel.

Leatherman Signal Multitool
Leatherman Signal Multitool. RevZilla photo.

Leatherman Signal Multitool

Seasoned riders don’t leave home without a few basic tools on hand. Most new motorcycles do not include tool kits, so a quality multitool like the Leatherman Signal is a perfect choice that fits in any pocket or gear bag. It also includes some tools like wire strippers, a fire starting striker, a bottle opener, and a knife blade that you won’t find in standard motorcycle tool kits. The pliers, screwdrivers, and “hammer” face are invaluable on the road. Even better, the Signal is made in Portland, Oregon and carries a 25-year warranty.

Best gifts for dirt bike and adventure riders

USWE backpack
USWE packs. RevZilla photo.

USWE Packs

Do you have an off-road rider on your gift list this year? You can’t go wrong with a backpack from the Swedish packmasters at USWE. These bags are specialized for trail, enduro, and ADV riding, though they work pretty well on the street, too. Options range from the $110 Ranger 4 hydration pack to the bigger $145 Patriot 15-day pack, and all of them use USWE’s award-winning suspension system with four-point harness construction and built-in elastic elements. All the bags either include or accept USWE’s three-liter water bladder because hydration is absolutely essential on the trail.

DoubleTake mirrors
DoubleTake mirrors. RevZilla photo.

Doubletake ADV and Dual Sport Mirrors

Here’s another top gift for riders who venture off-road. The mirrors that come on most motorcycles will shatter easily when dropped. This is an expensive, annoying, and potentially dangerous problem. Doubletake offers a fantastic solution with its foldable, durable off-road mirrors that can take a beating in dirt environments. Doubletake mirrors easily install on all popular dual-sport and adventure motorcycles for worry-free riding. Proven RAM mount technology holds the mirrors in place while allowing freedom of movement when the bike is inevitably dropped, smacked by a tree branch, or roosted by another rider. Plus, they lend a tough off-road look to any bike.

Tirox Snapjack V2
Tirox SnapJack V2. RevZilla photo.

Tirox Snapjack V2

Not all motorcycles use tubeless tires that can be repaired while the wheel is still attached to the motorcycle. Dirt bikes, adventure bikes, classic cruisers, and vintage motorcycles typically use tubed tires, and that means the wheel has to come off for flats and tire changes. Riders will love the Tirox Snapjack V2 for fast fixes on the trail. It’s a tough portable mini-jack that props the bike up while removing a wheel. It’s easy to use, easy to pack, and it’s what our staff carries on our their own adventures. (For a larger jack that stays in the garage, skip down to the Drag Specialties Center Jack Scissor Lift Stand below.)

Best gifts for the motorcyclist's garage

Motion Pro Fill Air Chuck
Motion Pro Fill Air Chuck. RevZilla photo.

Motion Pro Fill Air Chuck

Totally stumped on what to give a motorcyclist? Maybe you don’t even know what kind of motorcycle they ride? Don’t sweat it. There’s a universal thing that all of us need: the right amount of air in our tires. Air is added to the tires using an air chuck, and Motion Pro makes one of the best on the market. It uses full billet aluminum construction for a premium feel, and the swivel end means it’ll even fit tire valve stems with minimal clearance.

Drag Specialties Scissor Lift Center Stand
Drag Specialties Center Jack Scissor Lift Stand. RevZilla photo.

Drag Specialities Center Jack Scissor Lift Stand

Another truly universal gift idea is a scissor lift stand that raises a motorcycle off its wheels for all kinds of maintenance and service tasks. Our choice is this stand from Drag Specialties, especially for cruisers, classic motorcycles, and dirt bikes. A ratchet and socket are all you’ll need to safely raise and lower the entire motorcycle for tasks like tire changes, suspension work, and fluid changes. The jack winds down as low as 3.5 inches and extends to 14.5 inches. Choose from narrow and wide options. Both are around 15 inches long, but the wide version is nine inches while the narrow is five inches. Get the wide jack for more stability on larger motorcycles, or go for the narrow option to fit a broader range of motorcycles. 

Vessel Megadora Impacta JIS Screwdriver
Vessel Megadora Impacta JIS Screwdriver. RevZilla photo.

Vessel Megadora Impacta JIS Screwdriver

Know someone who likes to work on vintage motorcycles? The Megadora Impacta JIS screwdriver from Vessel puts all other screwdrivers to shame with its innovative design and quality construction. Here’s the deal: Japanese motorcycles use screws that look like regular Phillips head hardware, but a closer look reveals that they are Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) screws that will strip out when used with Phillips screwdrivers. Vessel makes these precision tools to perfectly fit JIS screws. The Megadora Impacta even includes a built-in impact driver feature that loosens stubborn hardware with a few taps from a hammer on the base of the handle. The right tool for the job is the gift that keeps on giving.

Best gifts for motorcycle road trips

BikeMaster Tire and Tube Repair Kit
BikeMaster Tire and Tube Repair Kit. RevZilla photo.

BikeMaster Tire and Tube Repair Kit

Sooner or later, everyone gets a flat tire. It happens. But with this BikeMaster tire and tube repair kit, your favorite rider will be back on the road in no time instead of waiting on the side of the road for some help. Expect a very grateful phone call after the tire is plugged and aired up with the tools included in this affordable, compact kit. And if they don’t use it? Far better to have a flat repair kit and never need it, we say. Consider combining this gift with the Tirox Snapjack V2 (pictured) to hold the motorcycle upright while removing wheels for tube repairs.

AntiGravity Microstart XP-3 Power Supply
Antigravity Micro-Start XP-3 Power Supply. RevZilla photo.

Antigravity Micro-Start XP-3 Power Supply

Motorcycles have much smaller batteries than cars, and that means a greater risk of running into electrical trouble. Save the day for your favorite rider with a compact yet mighty power supply from Antigravity. This little beast can jump start a motorcycle (or car!) with the included cables. It also has a built-in flashlight and USB ports to charge smartphones, Bluetooth communicators, GPS units, and more. Power supplies like this Antigravity always ride along in the backpacks and saddlebags of our staff, and we think you’ll find them invaluable, too.

REAX Traveler Thermal Jacket
REAX Traveler Thermal Jacket. RevZilla photo.

REAX Traveler Thermal Jacket

Motorcyclists use layers to adapt to changing weather conditions. A thermal jacket might be worn during a chilly morning, packed down in the heat of the day, and thrown back on for a night around the campfire. The REAX Traveler is our pick for most riders as a versatile mid-layer that adds warmth to any motorcycle jacket. It’s also a prime choice for hiking, camping, or sitting in the stands during fall sporting events. Clean styling and subtle branding mean this thermal jacket can go anywhere, on or off the bike.

Hightail Hair Protector
Hightail Hair Protector. RevZilla photo.

Hightail Hair Protector

Do you have a motorcyclist with long hair on your list? Wind-whipped hair can become impossibly tangled, and if it rains during a ride, the mess just gets worse. With the Hightail Hair Protector, you can give a gift that solves both problems with a small pouch that mounts directly to the helmet. Just tuck those long locks inside to avoid the wind and elements. Even better, a single Hightail protector can easily clip into multiple helmets for motorcyclists who frequently change riding disciplines.

That’s a wrap for this year’s RevZilla Holiday Gift Guide. If you’re still not sure what to give your favorite motorcyclist, you can always reach out to our friendly Gear Geeks for personalized recommendations and support. Alternatively, you can’t go wrong with a RevZilla gift card. Here’s to a happy season of giving to you and all the riders on your list this year.